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Sam, 20, Boulder, Very Important Thoughts.

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Jun 13 '12
This is such a great poster.

This is such a great poster.

Nov 16 '11


Brave, An Animated Fairy Tale by Pixar

Pixar movies pretty much affect me like no other movies can. This trailer is so-so but besides Cars they haven’t disappointed me yet.

And this is the first one directed by a woman so that’s neat.

Oct 19 '11

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Oct 13 '11
Oct 1 '11
Panda Bear - Ponytail (Person Pitch)

Ponytail - Panda Bear

A few nights ago me and my roommate watched Disney Oceans muted with Panda Bear soundtracking it. Unreal. The way that it matched up got scary at some points though.

Sep 1 '11
Aug 21 '11


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