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Sam, 20, Boulder, Very Important Thoughts.
Aug 8 '12



Justice at Red Rocks with Boombox & Rusko

Justice live is such an interesting experience because, save for a few songs like Genesis, their songs hardly resemble their originals. Instead the experience is more like being at a club and hearing snippets of music you recognize expertly weaved into new shapes with new builds and releases. I was somewhat bummed at first; I wished I could jam out to D.A.N.C.E. as I know and love it on the record and this tactic made it feel like the group was blatantly undermining its hits. But really, especially in the case of electronic music, artists have to justify the price of admission and make the show more than just playing a record at high volumes. Luckily, the duo are masters of beat-making; if they could make me get down to foreign mutations of my favorite hits, they clearly know what they are doing. Not exactly what I was expecting, but I was blissfully dancing my ass off just the same. Awesome show, monsieurs. 

(Source: wasted-weeks)